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What are the funny things that narcissists do?

They believe they’re entitled to good treatment after they treat people poorly.

By Rob Leone  12 Oct 2019


  1. They short circuit if you do something odd. They short circuit if they don’t know what to do. They love your predictability. It gives them a sense of calm.
  2. They tell on themselves. Sustained scrutiny or pressure will show signs of conflicting information. You can use this most effectively when they are trying to get something off you.
  3. Trying old tricks on someone who knows better. They have the replay function on.
  4. They try to manipulate you when they should know you are wise to it.
  5. They only try harder to trick you instead of growing up.
  6. Lacking substance. Everything they do is shallow, except for when they Rage. However this can be triggered for just being sarcasticBe careful!
  7. They throw a fit like a baby. Stomp feet. Tell you everyone hates them.
  8. They allow you to babysit them… they don’t want to be alone.
  9. Expect you to give to them without reciprocation. This isn’t true during the bonding phase.
  10. They are consumed by what others think! This is not true to people they know love them. They have already tested your bond! Get it?
  11. How much they love themselves. But not really.
  12. The fact that they think vulnerability is a weakness.
  13. How much they lie straight to your face even though you know differently.
  14. Remember everything you ever did wrong!
  15. Whilst remembered everything you did do right, as something they did!
  16. Magically forgetting every single thing they did wrong.
  17. As well as, thinking you did everything they did wrong!
  18. Changing their values on the drop of a dime.
  19. How much patience they have to hurt you. Or to ignore you.
  20. How little patience they have for anything they “WANT RIGHT NOW”!
  21. Contradicting what they once told you they believed.
  22. Showing you how shallow they are inadvertently through lies you can see through.
  23. How quick they change the subject when you try to inspire growth.
  24. They believe they’re entitled to good treatment after they treat people poorly.
  25. How they invite you over to ignore you.. ugh..
  26. How they can all of a sudden treat you like they never met you.
  27. How much they expect your loyalty to reinforce their bad behavior towards their new supply! Ugh! They except you to work to help them bond with someone else.
  28. How fast they are to cut you off when you’re talking.
  29. Their effort to not grow, instead of growing. (Sometimes, it’s harder to reject growth)
  30. How not taking responsibility seems to be a good idea when it’s something they say they care about.
  31. They think you work for their (Borg) collective. They will recruit you to help further their career/social life/new love interest, with a straight face. They honestly think you should do this?!? For realz?!
  32. Seeing the same old same old from them! Autopilot
  33. Watching their perceived authentic behavior around somebody that you know is not genuine.
  34. They think they’re entitled after they did some of the worst things imaginable to you. Broken record loop!
  35. When they can’t get out of their own way.
  36. The belittling rhetoric when you don’t understand what they say. They will to belittle you when they even feel the slight feeling of you when thinking about talking back to them.
  37. They act like they’ve been very tolerant of you and you don’t deserve their attention, but they give it to you anyway! Lol
  38. The fact that grey rocking works. This triggers their Limbic response to see you as weak or low on the pecking order. Not fun!
  39. How oblivious they are to sarcasmBe careful!
  40. When they say they have tried too hard, for too long and they just can’t do it anymore! (Sure you did, you had a new boyfriend the whole time to help you try harder to get me back)
  41. How oblivious they are to things they’re not used to you doing.
  42. How easy they become to predict after you take a good hard honest look at understanding what is really going on.
  43. How they don’t see how awesome somebody is.
  44. How they think they’re awesome when they are just funny! But not really…
  45. They control you with prerecorded tapes that you wrote yourself (without knowing) that control your Limbic function of the brain. When you say to yourself, “why did I just do that?)

Some of these are just sad, but, for the most part, I think it could fall under this question too.

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